Some frequently asked questions…..

Do scooters require a motorcycle endorsement?

In Arizona a motorcycle endorsement is required to ride a scooter on public streets.  This INCLUDES 49cc scooters.  The exception is for PEDAL DRIVEN bikes or scooters with a helper motor of 50cc or less

Is financing available?

Yes, we have multiple options for financing.  No credit and bad credit, as well as discount programs on select Taiwan scooter for persons with good credit.

Are all of the scooters shown on the website in stock in your store?

Not necessarily.  While we do stock a good selection of scooters at the store, we can never know what will sell from one hour to the next.  We usually have a very good mix of low-cost Chinese scooters as well as the more popular Taiwan scooter.  In most cases, if we do not have a particular scooter in stock, we can order it and have it in just a few days.  We can also get many other scooters that aren’t shown on the website, just ask !!

Are Chinese scooters reliable?

The short answer is “somewhat”.  They are inexpensive to purchase and inexpensive to repair but they tend to need repairs more frequently, and have a shorter lifespan than scooters from Japan or Taiwan.  We also have Taiwan scooters available that are extremely reliable (Kymco, SYM, Lance), and have 2 year parts and labor warranties.

Are they hard to get parts for?

We stock most of the common parts in our store.  Other parts are available from 2 – 7 days.  We usually have parts available to keep a Chinese scooter running but some of the older models may be hard to find plastics.

How fast will they go?

50cc 4-stroke   30-35 mph,  49cc 2-stroke  40-45 mph,  125cc Taiwan 55 mph, 150cc Chinese 55 mph, 150cc Taiwan 65 mph, 200cc Taiwan 70 mph, 250cc Chinese 65 mph, 300cc Taiwan 80 mph

What is the gas mileage?

50cc scooters get around 90 -100 mpg, 150cc scooters get around 80 mpg

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